About us

Cathy and Chris Lombardo as husband and wife are passionate in supporting those who have the desire to change their limiting beliefs and reach goals they have only dreamed of.  


Cathy's background is in radiologic technology and is trained in x-ray, CT Scanning and whole body imaging. Cathy has expertise in mammograpy and in supporting women physically and emotionally in this sensitive procedure. Cathy is a Certified Personal Trainer and is National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified.


Chris worked as an executive for a Fortune 50 company for 30 years where he had leadership, coaching, mentoring and training responsibilities in Sales and Operations. Chris led both Large and small teams of people and is well versed in corporate sales management, leadership, coaching and motivational processes. Chris understands how important an individual's basic beliefs and programming are to personal development and ultimately to success in one's life.


Together, Cathy and Chris are making a difference in people's lives. Many people today are struggling with their financial health, personal health, and relationship health. PSYCH-K® addresses the "innercise" required to aquire and sustain a healthy life.


Cathy and Chris were introduced to PSYCH-K® and have completed the Basic and mulitple Advanced courses allowing them to facilitate these powerful processes with those ready to make a difference in their lives. 


PSYCH-K® facilitated by Cathy and Chris is making significantly positive and immediate impacts with those who have been unable to break old habits that have negatively impacted their lives. PSYCH-K® works and is a science-based process that allows an individual to change limiting beliefs and non-supportive habits easily and permanently.