Client Testimonials

"I truly appreciate the wonderful gift Chris and Cathy gave me when they took me through

several Psych-K balancing techniques. I immediately experienced a sense of excitement and a knowing that many beliefs which had limited me throughout my life had been eliminated and replaced with an understanding of my personal greatness. After several days passed I came to realize that, not only did I come to like myself, but that I LOVE my life! I had a new found confidence in myself and the possibility of creating whatever experience I choose to have.
What most impresses me about Chris and Cathy is their genuine compassion, desire to help, and the love they demonstrate for those they work with. I look forward to working with them in the future."

Mark D from Hamilton, Ontario Canada


“Finally – a way to identify exactly what my subconscious believes and a way to communicate with it to correct limiting beliefs. I feel very confident, and can’t wait to move forward!”

Tina B., Phoenix AZ


“I was surprised at how accurate the Psych-K process was at identifying my limiting beliefs, and how the results were immediately effective.”

Bruce L., Phoenix AZ


“The Psych-K experience that I had was quite revealing. With Chris as the facilitator we worked through a series of blockages. I did not even know what areas were blocking me until we came across them. Then with the aid of a series of exercises I was able to release the problem area. We re-checked to verify that the issues were gone. Psych-K appears to be a very quick and easy way to find and eliminate issues that are interfering with progress. I look forward to removing more such blockages from my life and moving on to a more successful and fulfilling path. Thank you Chris for facilitating this process. I'm confident that your expertise with Psych-K and your heartfelt approach will assist a great many people to eliminate issues and improve their lives.”

Kris B., Phoenix, AZ


Psych-K or Empowerment Training as I like to refer to it, significantly lowered my anxiety level when speaking in front of people. Initially, I did not fully understand the process but during the session Chris, my facilitator in the process, made each step of the way clear and quite quickly I understood the process as it unfolded through his directions. Like anything new the initial first moments felt uncomfortable but since I wanted desperately to change, I was willing to commit to the process. I let go of my uneasiness and went with it. I discovered that self-esteem and messages from early childhood were not allowing me to move in the direction of my passion. By the end of the session whereby, I redirected my subconscious messages, I left the room feeling more confident and worthwhile and of course I wondered if this sense of being would last over time. Chris assured me it was forever. The next day I spoke in front of a group of teachers and definitively felt the shift! I was a “healthy anxious” and not the kind here I'd give anything to not be there. Since then I have had to speak and I have found I am not dreading the speaking dates or obsessing over them like I used to do! It does last and it spills over into my everyday  interactions as well! I am much more at peace 100% of the time!

April C., Scottsdale, AZ


"The Psych-K process with Chris Lombardo has transformed my life beyond my wildest beliefs.  In just a few sessions, the indescribable shifts that have occurred have catapulted me toward my life purpose.  I'm now living with the confidence & self-assurance to live into the greatness the Universe has gifted me.  Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for the experience I have felt through Psych-K...Thank you Chris!"

Paul G., Phoenix, AZ